Our Proprietary Methodology Leverages Industry Leading Practices To Deliver A World Class Automation Experience


” Besides the cost and efficiency advantages, a couple of RPA’s greatest benefits are often overlooked: its ease of deployment and the speed and agility it confers on the enterprise

Our AugurD SM discovery framework help align management strategy and identify potential processes for automation.
Discover stage focuses on understanding existing processes, applications and technology landscape. Processes are prioritized to optimized automation output. All key issues are addressed and baselines are defined.
Discover stage help in developing keystroke level understanding of the processes along with applications and technologies processes interact with.

Discover Phase

Once the processes have been discovered and prioritized, Design stage help optimize the existing processes for automation.Also, suitable automation technology is identified and "ready to automate" optimized process maps are designed. All optimized process maps are discussed in details and feedback is incorporated.
Once finalized, automation architecture is designed and is now ready for development.

Automation ready process maps are used by the project delivery team to design the workflow for BOT configuration and setup BOT environments.
BOT is configured and trained by work modules. Once trained, detailed testing is conducted followed by UAT and baselining of the BOT.
Once deployed, BOT is monitored proactively to identify and fix any unforeseen issues.

Bots are capable of running 24X7. A sub-optimized bot may present challenges, unprecedented in both volume and complexity. Optimization not only improves accuracy but also efficiency of the bot. Also, Optimizing helps developing necessary ecosystem across the organization.