Automated KYC Processing Solution

Automated KYC Processing Solution

With the advent of Robotic Process Automation, organizations seek to reduce costs, improve efficiency and re-duce process turn-around-time. Processes with high manual intervention, such as KYC Processing are highly suitable candidates for automation. KYC processing is largely labor-intensive. The delay in KYC processing not only delays the process of on-boarding new customers but also results in delayed revenue realization from the new customers.

Key Challenges: KYC Processing

Customer On-boarding

Compliance Regulations


With KYC processing being highly labor-intensive, it results in innumerable delays in on-boarding new customers and revenue realization.  

With multiple compliance regulations, it’s difficult to be compliant with regulations while  processing KYC documents within the desired timeline

With a stringent timeline and a high degree of manual processing, maintaining the accuracy of KYC processing is a great challenge. With volumes increasing each day, maintain the levels of accuracy is becoming more challenging each day

RPATech brings automation to Invoice ProcessingKYC

Our solution has been designed to automate KYC document processing to ensure quick on-boarding of customers. Our solution can extract relevant data from the KYC documents with a high degree of accuracy and either match it with the data provided by the customer or verifies data with various portals to ensure the authenticity of the data.

Our KYC Solution ecosystem not only supports various mandated KYC documents but also variations in those documents. Our solution uses highly accurate data extraction tools provided by


Improved Accuracy​

Quick Onboarding:

Audit Trail and Governance

With minimal human intervention, accuracy is increased by 95%

Multi –times faster customer on-boarding

Complete audit trail of invoicing steps for tracking and governance

Compliance Management

Quick ROI Realization

Compliant with KYC, AML and such other Regulations

With employees focused on value-driven tasks and less spend on expensive multiple CRM licenses, typical ROI realization is less than 6 months

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