RPATech Academy courses are designed for beginners & professionals alike to aid them in tackling enterprise level implementation of RPA. It is a must for all Computer Science Candidate looking at the IT and ITeS industry for future employment.


Post successful completion of all 3 certifications, learners would be adept at tasks such as:

  • Understanding RPA technology and any given process map to depict it.
  • Deciphering programming techniques required to do Robot configuration.
  • Doing basic & advanced configuration of a bot on UiPath/Automation Anywhere/ Blue Prism platform.
  • The final certification of the program, RPA Solution Architect, is an advanced certification course meant for candidates who are willing to take up an RPA Architect role. In this course candidates learn various deployment scenarios, risks and infrastructure requirements. It also covers Licensing models, BCP and other advanced topics.


Since the program is divided into 3 certification levels, for doing each certification course learners should have –

  • Anyone who wants to learn about RPA and has a technical bent of mind. CS programming beginners/professionals who are keen to develop light weight and highly extensible Robots on UiPath Academy should go for this course.
  • For RPA Developer Certification: Learners should have completed RPA Technology Associate Certification
  • For RPA Solution Architect Certification : Learners should have completed the RPA Developer Certification.


RPA really helped us achieve our financial goals. The slick presentation along with fantastic readability ensures that our financial standing is stable.

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Sales & Marketing, Kushal

RPA Technology Associate certification is for understanding the fundamentals of RPA and decipher its programming techniques. It’ll also help a learner do basic configuration of a Robot

Level: Beginner

Duration: 24 hours

Content Covered: Robotics Process Automation

– Overview

– Platforms

– Industry

– RPA Prerequisites

– Introduction to Programming

+ Code yourself

+ Looping

+ Make decision

+ Memorize it

+ Take Action

– RPA Development Fundamentals Part 1

– RPA Development Fundamentals Part 2

– Introduction to Process Mapping Part 1

– Introduction to Process Mapping Part 2

– Converting Process maps to script Part 1

– Converting Process maps to script Part 2

– Problem-solving techniques

Fees: ₹17,790/-

RPA Developer Certification will train learners to develop in one of the following chosen products – UiPath, Automation Anywhere, or Blue Prism. Post successful completion, learners will be on track to attain a full RPA Solution Architect certification. This course is a 44 hours classroom contact course. In this course, there is a choice available for platforms between UiPath, Automation Anywhere & Blue Prism

Level – Intermediate

Duration: 44 hour

Content Covered

Prerequisite: RPA Technology Associate Certification

-RPA Development Fundamentals

-Introduction to Process Mapping

-Basics (Introduction, Control Flow, Flowchart, Sequence)

-Data Manipulation (Variables, Datatypes, DataTable)

-Data Manipulation in Excel

-Recording Actions

-Web Integration

-Extracting Web Data & HTML Data

-OCR (Screen Scrapping)

-Mail, PDF & User Events

-Text Adopters/Mainframes

-Deployment of Project & Project Organization

-Exception Handling/Logging & Debugging

-SAP Automation & Databases

-Orchestration, Managing bots through a central server

Fees: : ₹34,790/-

RPA Solution Architect is an advanced certification meant for learners who want to take on an RPA Architect role. This course covers implementation architecture of RPA Platforms including Blue Prism Automation Anywhere & UiPath. Students will learn various deployment scenarios, risks and infrastructure requirements. This course is a 50 hours classroom contact course.

Level – Advanced

Duration: 40 hour

Content Covered

RPA implementation architecture



-Blue Prism

-Infrastructure Requirement

-Setting up Development, Testing and Production environment

-Security consideration in RPA Implementation

-License Management

-Controlling and monitoring

-BCP with respect to RPA Exception handling & Reporting

Fees: : ₹44,790/-

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